Personal Development Planning Tool


What it does

This is a prototype online Personal Development Planning Tool to provide the user/student a structure to record and develop plans to clarify their own ideas, and for Mentors or Coaches to offer targeted inline feedback. Although the tool (structures) can be used in a variety of ways it focuses on two areas: Learning (educational planning) and Work (career planning) . pPlan is a personal tool to aid decision making when developing your own strategies

How it works

This help sheet How to use for planning is for all users explaining the essentials (although mostly from a mentee point of view)

The step-by-step user guide provides more details of how the tool works and includes how you login...→ link to user guide in page footer , for a general overview of the tool see the screenshots in this post and the list below:

With pPlan you can :
  1. Define your Current Situation
  2. Imagine and record your Ideal Situation(s)
  3. Create and link SMART Plans to help achieve and think about your ideal situations (2.)
  4. Get feedback from Mentors: On your pPlan Dashboard you can request
    for other registered pPlan users (who you know already) to be your Mentor/Mentee to enable their feedback
  5. The above artefacts are organsised on the users (planning) Board (other analogies: pin board or kanban board)
  6. Complete your Values inventory - Please NOTE - the feature is only mocked-up in this prototype . This to define core values and provide a life-wide and holistic context for the tools use
  7. To any of the Artefacts (1-3) you create, you can include a hyper link to an image/file/CV/website etc.
  8. Please complete the survey → link under "About" in the top navigation
    This protoype has been built with the intention of learning if we can build better tools to support personal development

What you should know

(What are the downsides?)
  1. This is a prototype tool in a Beta testing phase
  2. Anyone on the internet who can "Sign In" can use pPlan, but all personal information is private!*
    However, in pPlan users can request a Mentor or Mentee by providing their email address (point 4. above). If both parties provide emails that have been successfully authenticated by the tool, then the following procedure will be followed by myself (Jago Brown) as the coordinating mentor:
    1. Direct contact by email will be made requesting details for phone or face-to-face discussion (multi-factor authentication)
    2. Proof Mentee is older than 11 years of age or that the mentor is a parent/grandparent will be checked.
    3. Mentor suitability and safeguarding checks including DBS/CRB checks where applicable
    4. If there are judged to be no safeguarding issues the assignment can take place, however due the the manual nature of this process it may not happen immediately
    5. In reality this is only Beta testing of a prototype and if the mentee is under 18 years of age then only parents, grandparents or certified professionals will be granted Mentor permissions to protect mentees against over disclosure
    6. * After a Mentor is assigned they can view the mentee's Profile page
  3. This prototype will be monitored and maintained until the 14th September 2018, then intends to remain online (but not monitored) until December 2018. After this date all data will be anonymised unless specific consent is requested and granted
  4. Your data will not be shared with any commercial parties
  5. Data communications between the server and your browser are encrypted
  6. Please read the Privacy Notice (link in page footer)
  7. Questions to evaluate this prototype tool are in the survey and more formation is available on the "About" page

Note: In an educational context the first time this might be of general value, is with deciding which options/subjects/qualifications to study at around 13 years of age